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Sep 15, 2014


somethings are just too good to be true.

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Sometimes nostalgia can be a cage. Your mind state drifts backwards, far away from the present, and is governed by a time we romanticize ideally. But even the past was not ideal. We just tend to remember it in a light that is more pleasant. A light that diminishes anything the present and future could ever offer. You find yourself trapped always looking back; cherry picking the good moments and shading out the one’s that were not as perfect. A lot of times, nostalgia is dishonest.

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Sep 14, 2014

fiveandthursday said: Duuude I miss u man

 wallah I miss you too…lets try and Skype some time…hit me up when ur free via Facebook and we can arrange. 

this weather got me like…..
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this weather got me like…..

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ninethofjune said: Salam, I absolutely love your account. I love how you mix your Moroccan origins and culture with your everyday American life (on tumblr I mean, not in real life) I'm Moroccan myself but my life ain't as cool as yours seems to be. Keep the amazing amazing feed coming.

aww thank you! 

trust me my life isn’t as cool as it seems :)

To witness how the Divine Game works: Stop pursuing what you desire; seek instead the One Who creates Desire itself.
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I’m happy as long as I am healthy…nothing messes my mood up more, than not being in good health.

Aug 23, 2014